We are taking actions to join efforts with other organizations dealing with extension services in knowledge share and transfer of potential technologies among herders and strengthening extension services in local areas.  
Our society has supported the establishment of 433 pasture user groups (PUG) which capture 23000 herders from 9 aimags,  PUCs in 66 soums and aimag committees in 14 aimags with a view of maintaining pasture ecosystem equilibrium and strengthening herders’ communities so that enabling conditions for sustainable livelihood are laid out.  Needs based technology recommendations  are provided through advisory team, and good practices and breakthrough initiatives are compiled  in the data base by community development team after they have been reviewed by the advisory team (Graph 1). Training is organized by our experts and advisory services are provided by the advisory team. Some very specialized training is held in cooperation with competent organizations. “Pasture-Green Gold” is issued and distributed to herders every quarter.

Extension services pursue the following principles:
The institutional ground has been laid out to select and choose experienced herders from PUGs and mobilize them in trainings on introduction, transfer and knowledge share of needs technologies, recommendations and good practices. The trainings which will be held on a  principle of Herder to Herders will focus on three areas: pasture protection, livestock breed improvement and marketing to increase herders’ income sources.

”Training and information team”  in charge of data base, distribution materials
 “Research team” in charge of proposed needs based and scientifically feasible technologies  
“Co-management community and development team” in charge of good practices and break through initiatives
Councelling                 training
Advisory team             in team
Technologies potential for application in production
Promotion of good practices and break through initiatives among soums
Pasture user groups, unions, herders
Proposals based on herders’ interests and needs
Succeeding initiatives and best practices

Graph 1.  Information exchange and distribution structure of the MSRM
As for now, the society has planned jointly with MoFALI to organize a first forum of Mongol Herd” Programme in the western region, the detabes of a draft pasture law and business trainings. In cooperation with AU, the society will hold income generation trainings for herders. At the same, jointly with Livestock Project , it will support veterinarian services through advisor herder network basing on PUGs.

Cooperation in providing extension services for PUGs
MSRM    Livestock husbandry project     AU   MoFALI
PUG advisors
Locally recognized experienced herders
Pasture user groups and unions

Milestone extension services planned for 2011:
Our society is open to cooperation with extension centers of MoFALI and other agriculture organizations in introduction, domestication, transfer, knowledge sharing and training of technologies. We can organize the following activities:
  1. To carry out activities relying on technique and equipment  for conferences and extension services in soum soums,
  2. To organize trainings for herders relying on soum pasture user committees and advisor herders,
  3. To exchange needs based and scientifically feasible technologies and recommendations for herders,
  4. To harmonize financing of some duplicative activities for herders.
The MSRM invites other organizations to cooperate in the following areas: Extension services
The MSRM provides extension services for herders and herder organizations  in sustainable pasture management. Manuals and booklets have been produced on the topics such as pasture user groups, herders’ organizational issues, season wide rotational use of pastures, pasture monitoring and assessment, pasture degrading plants, identifying pasture carrying capacity of pastures and improvement of livestock breeds.

Advisory team works at the MSRM to provide advisory services: