Mission: “The Mongolian Society for Rangeland Management (MSRM) promotes sustainable pasture management in Mongolia through creation and strengthening herders’ self governing institutes within boundaries of territories and support and harmonization of all stakeholders’ activities”.

The MSRM was established in 2007 by the initiatives of several people who were increasingly concerned about the loss of traditional regime of pasture management in Mongolia, a lack of government policy and legislative regulation  arrangement and , most importantly, the problems of tragedy of the commons faced in pasture management and use. Pasture research works and studies are conducted only when the fund from international donors and researches is available.

The framework of the activities of this society which was initiated and established by several people has, nowadays,  expanded into  NGO which has its own building of premise and employs 30 staff who are spread over 4 teams: research technology team, community development team, training, information and advocacy team and administration team.  The Society has national and international advisory teams. The activities of the  Society runs under the sustainable objective and long term work plan. Our society is cooperating with international and national donors, research institutes, government organizations and non governmental organizations to suppor the initiatives of herders for establishment  and strengthening of  herders’ self governing institutes in 67 soums in 10 aimags and strengthening a national level pasture monitoring network.  In these areas, the Society has been implementing the following activities:  

Honorary members and initiators of the Society:
N.Lkhagvajav, S.Jigjidsuren,  D.Dorligsuren, Ts.Enkh-Amgalan, M.Dubach

Members of the Society:
S.Tushig, U,Budbaatar, лю.Sergelen, T.Erdenechuluun, N.Gankhuyag, B.Bolormaa, L.Gantsogt, B.Batbuyan, D.Bolormaa, S,Otgontsetseg, Ts.Enkh-Amgalan. Yo.Zagdsuren. M.Olonbayar, D/Amarjargal and Ts.Sukhtulga,