Wednesday, 14th November 2007

Considering requests from herders of Telmen soum of Zavkhan aimag, GGP has supported to buy 15 rams of Bayad breed from Zuungobi soum of Uvs aimag in 2006 and rams were sold to herders at price as same as purchasing price.

When weighing Bayad offspring lambs by choosing randomly from stock, lamb live weight has increased by 1.2 times or by 7.8 kg at average. (see table below).

Promoting herders to find out that there is more cost efficient, but simple mean to improve animal productivity, has given positive results. In 2007 number of herders who want to improve their livestock quality has increased by 4 times than previous year.

Comparison of lamb weight /by kg/
Herders' name Local ram offspring Bayad ram offspring
small medium big small medium big
Ts.Tovuu 33 29 35.5 38.3 38.8 41.8
Yo.Puntsagyondon 25 34.6 36.6 33.3 40.4 42.3
General average 29 31.8 36.05 35.8 39.6 42.05
Weight added       6.8 7.8 6
Weight added, by percentage       1.2345 1.2453 1.1664