PASTURE– agricultural land slot in secluded area with planted or natural grass for animal grazing.
PASTURE MANAGEMENT– system which enables sustainable pasture use planning, cordination, encouraging implementation and monitoring  to create rational herd and pasture relation. 
SUSTAINABLE USE OF PASTURE– long term use of pasture keeping the economical value through preserving grass quality, feeding lifestock in a timely manner matching seasonal grass types to needs of lifestock age and type.
PASTURE MONITORING– to conduct recurring research on impact of organic and non organic factors on nature’s pasture 
PASTURE DEGRADATION– reduction of number of grass types in the given area due to human and natural intervention, predominance of non edible weed, reduction in density and growth of grass, soil erosion and damage due to wind and water, complete grasslessness.  
PASTURE ROTATION– activity which has an objective to have a continual use of pasture land by encouraging natural grass growth, provision of circumstances to ensure grass renewal after lifestock feeding, upkeep of grass growth or improvement, prevention of pasture from degradation. 
ANNUAL PASTURE ROTATION– rotational use of pasture based on seasons throughout a year.
FULL PASTURE ROTATION– rotational use of pasture on annual base for certain seasons.
APPROPRIATE PASTURE CAPACITY– suitable number of lifestock per unit of pasture land in order to keep an ecological balance without causing negative impact
PASTURE USAGE UNIT– border defined pasture area with allocated number with matching owner, usage, ownership and corresponding intended use bordered up.
PASTURE USERS UNIT– unofficial member based herders’ organisation in charge of pasture ownership, usage and protection, enjoying the benefits of communal pasture ownership and usage making sure that the pasture preserves its natural conditions.   
PATURE USERS TEMPORARY UNIT– pasture users group set up temporarily on a seasonal basis  to have a communal use of the pasture for a given period of time
SELF GOVERNING HERDER ORGNANISATION– legal entity set up with a pasture ownership rights, to supervise usage and protection of it
KHOT AIL– two or more families united to share workload
KHORSHOO– legal entity set up on a voluntary will of people, with democratic management and monitoring, setup to run business activities to satisfy common material, social and cultural needs. 
PASTURE ORGANISATION PLAN– land organisation documentation done to reflect pasture capacity and reserves, characteristics specific to the geographical area, as well as tradional policies on pasture ownership, usage, proetction and improvement policies 
USE OF PASTURE FOR OTHER PURPOSES– activities related to pasutre reserves other than herd grazing
PASTURE INFRASTRUCTURE– various properties related to pasture usage and protection such as bridges, roads, wells, watering fields, lifestock baths, fences, blocks and barns
LAND COORDINATES– land coordinates of the particular land recorded by a GPS.

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